Lincoln Square GreekFest - presented
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Food, food and more food...

Our Main Food tent will be serving traditional shish-ka-bob, (marinated pork tenderloin skewered and grilled over charcoal) oven roasted leg of lamb with gravy, authentic Greek style half chickens, pastitsio (Greek style lasagna), fried calamari and Gyros sandwiches. All of our items are prepared fresh daily and come with rice, side salad and a roll (except for pastitsio). The Taverna will be cooking up Greek sliders (mini seasoned lamb burgers), Saganaki "flaming" cheese, grilling octopus and also carving Gyros sandwiches. A select offering of beer and wines are also served in the taverna.

Stop by our Loukoumades stand and pick an order (or two) of our homemade Loukoumades. These deep-fried dough puffs, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon have been a festival favorite for many years and are lovingly prepared by our volunteers. The Pastry Booth will have several traditional sweets, all made right here by hand, in our kitchen from time honored family recipes. Everything from baklava (layers of phillo and chopped nuts covered in honey) to kourambiethes (tender butter cookies dusted with powdered sugar).

Drinks anyone?

On the south end of the property is where you'll find our bar. As in the many years past the friendly faces will be serving ice cold beer (both domestic & Greek) along with wines of all kinds and of course bottled water & soda. Beverages will also be available at the Taverna (in the center of our lot) and inside the Miller Center.

If you are looking for a traditional Greek style Frappe, Greek coffee, lemonade, ice tea or just a cup of "joe" to enjoy before, during or after indulging in our delicious food look for the Kefenio on the north side of the main church building. They will also be serving ice cream for all to enjoy.

Days and Hours

Friday August 18th = 5pm - 11pm

Saturday August 19 = 3pm - 11pm

Sunday August 2oth = Noon - 11pm



St Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church

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